Buying new boards – how to choose

It was a monday morning in late April and I was paddeling out at Playa Hermosa. A glassy, headhigh sunrise session. I had some nice waves and was just paddeling back out when I saw this freakset rolling in. The next thing I know is that something hit my rips and I heard a crack!
Back at the beach I realized that the crack came from my board, broken to a point not worth fixing anymore. 

The next day I went to „Denga“ one of the surf shops in Santa Teresa. The owner Denis is also a shaper and one of the „Ding-Doc‘s“ for the Zopilote Surfcamp. Time to do some shopping 🙂

Number 1 rule for buying a surfboard, be honest!

With yourself and the one selling the board. Don‘t just go in there and buy a super nice performance shortbaord when you just had your first session on green waves. So here is what I did. Since I broke my shortboard I tool it with me and Denis could see what kind of board I was surfing and I told him what I liked and disliked about that board. And I also told him honestly about my limits and skills.

If you’re lucky enough to have a shaper close by and stay long enough for him to actually shape a board for you, thats like the „Creme de la creme“. It needs some experience to know what you are looking for in a board, but even a description like „It should be a wavecatcher but still easy to turn like a shortboard“ is enough for a shaper to know what you are looking for and what you might need. I ended up buying two boards that day. The one I had ordered already and one of the regular shapes.

A quick word about used boards. Buying a surfboard can be expensive especially if you need fins, a leash and a boardbag as well. So yes, it is a good option to buy a used board. Make sure you have a good look on what you are going for. Watch out for dings. If a board is heavy, it can be a sign that there are a lot of bigger repairs or that it didn’t dry out completely before repairing. Also, if a board is painted all over it might be a try to cover up some bad dings.

Best is to go and buy your board with someone who has experience or ask your friendly staff at the surf camp for their trusted shop! If you have chosen your toy, wax it up and have fun!

Pura vida!