Surfari, a Surftrip through Costa Rica

We started the our costarican Surfari at Zopilote Surfcamp, located in Playa Hermosa. Simon, the owner and a passionat surfer, welcomed us at his camp. Since we were all a little jetleged and out of shape, the first few days at Playa Hermosa were perfect. Getting used to the board again and feeling comfortable for the trip ahead. From the camp, all it takes is a short walk down to the beach that is called „hermosa“ (beautiful) which is well diserved. Not only the scenery is beautiful but it’s also one of the most consistent beachbreaks I have ever seen.

Living in Costa Rica for fithteen years, Simon really knows his way around the surfspots. The famous ones but also some hidden gems. His knowledge, surfskills and enthusiasm make him the perfect guide for the trip ahead. Checking the forcast for the pacific coastline the plan was heading down south towards the panaman boarder. Day X came and we loaded the truck. 5
boards, 5bags, a gallon of sunscreen and 5 surfers looking for some adventure.
The adventure will immediately start with the roads in Costa Rica. As soon as you leave the highway, the roads turn from good to bad to worse. Sometimes you have to drive through rivers, sometimes you don’t even recognize the road as one because of all the bumps and wholes. But I promise, you will get rewarded for everything!

Zopilote Surf Car
Zopilote Surf Trip Gruppe

Back to planning for a second. If you have the idea of doing a surfari, it makes sence that the surflevel of your squad is more or less the same. A surfari for complete beginners doesn’t really make sense. To surf new spots every couple of days needs some skill level and to be honest, it’s just more fun if you can rock the waves with your buddies then taking care of beginners 🙂

As you can figure out by its name, Costa Rica has a beautiful coastline and some and a lot of wildlife too. On land and at sea. We went fishing once during the trip. Rays, yummy yellowfin tuna and even whale sharks. Beautiful creatures if you ask me. And yes, there are sharks and crocodiles too (as almost everywhere) but never mind. The most important thing is that there are waves, good, no excellent waves and most of the time the lineup is pretty empty. Of course, there is the famous left down in Pavones that seems to go on forever and yes it can be crowded and highly competitive but then Simon just took us another 20 minutes down south and we surfed an empty reef break. Not much more to find there than some turtles and you and your friends.

In the end of a great day full of surfing, just relax, have a beer and maybe some fresh tuna and share some surf stories. Don’t worry if you think you have heard them all, Simon will know more! So listen to your explorer heart, book your surf trip with Zopilote and enjoy an amazing time.

Pura vida!