Surfari, a Surftrip through Costa Rica

We started the our costarican Surfari at Zopilote Surfcamp, located in Playa Hermosa. Simon, the owner and a passionat surfer, welcomed us at his camp. Since we were all a little jetleged and out of shape, the first few days at Playa

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Buying new boards – how to choose

It was a monday morning in late April and I was paddeling out at Playa Hermosa. A glassy, headhigh sunrise session. I had some nice waves and was just paddeling back out when I saw this freakset rolling in. The

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Two weeks at Zopilote Surf Camp

In February 2018 i was in Costa Rica for the first time and immediately fell in love with this beautiful country. In February 2019 I decided to visit Costa Rica again for 5 weeks. As I wanted to learn to

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