Every Day - A New Surf Adventure, All Year Round

Playa Hermosa, is our “home break” and an excellent spot to learn to surf or improve your surfing skills. The waves are consistent and offer ideal conditions for surfing using a variety of boards, including longboards, mini-malibus’, funboards, fishes and shortboards.

Booking surf lessons can be done with ease and flexibility. Experienced surf instructors are familiar with the break and will adapt to whatever level you’re at. Classes are booked with a maximum of 4 participants. By offering small classes, we believe that each person then has the opportunity to experience the true joy of surfing – a top priority for us!

surf school
Waiting for the wave

Lonely Waves and New Spots

There are countless surf spots between Playa Hermosa and Mal Pais, each offering constant waves for every surf level. We can offer recommendations of where to surf the well known and newly discovered spots. We are always happy to provide suggestions –

here are a few:

  • Santa Teresa is a very popular surf spot for all levels with plenty of beach breaks
  • Playa del Carmen, Mal Pais offers long rights and short lefts over sand and is a very constant reef break for surfing
  • Manzanillo has excellent outer reef break for big swell

Costa Rica offers secluded beaches, warm water and beautiful scenery for individual or group travel any time of year. It is the ideal place to create an unforgettable surf vacation experience that you won’t soon forget.

CONTACT US! We will happily provide you any information about the current surf conditions!