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First Surf Attempts to Advanced Surf Tips

The First Steps – Surf Tips: The ocean has always called out to me, igniting an untamed longing to ride its waves. So, I decided to turn my dream of surfing into a reality. But where should I begin? Here are some surf tips for those gearing up for their first surfing experience. Learn the […]
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Surfing in Central America

Costa Rica, a small country in Central America, is known for its breathtaking landscapes, rich biodiversity, and warm-hearted inhabitants who refer to themselves as ‘Ticos’ or ‘Ticas.’ But amidst all these wonderful features, Costa Rica also offers something that makes surfers’ hearts skip a beat – incredible waves. In this short blog post, we, the […]
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A surf trip through Costa Rica: Surfari!

We started our Costa Rican Surf Safari at the Zopilote Surf Camp at Playa Hermosa. Simon, the owner and passionate surfer, welcomed us in his camp. Since we were all a little jetlagged and out of shape, the first days in Playa Hermosa were perfect. The tourism is not yet so developed there and the people are super friendly. Getting used to the board again and getting in the mood for the upcoming trip - that worked out great in the Zopilote as the first stop.
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Buy a board – what you have to consider!

It was the end of April, a beautiful Monday morning at 6:00am and I was paddling into the line up at Playa Hermosa. A glassy, head-high sunrise session. I had a couple of nice waves and was just paddling out again when I saw this riiiiiiy freak set behind me. The glistening water, constant off-shore wind and... the next thing I know, something hits my rib and it cracks!
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Goodbye angry April, hello lovely rainy season in Costa Rica

When I planned my stay at Zopilote Surfcamp I checked the travel guides for climate and temperature. Dry (&high) season is about to end and the nice cooler rainy season just about to start. But… no one ever writes something about „Angry April“, so let me explain.Driving away from San Jose and towards the pacific […]
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