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Discover a piece of paradise!

The Nicoya Peninsula has some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. Some of them are still untouched and deserted. A real paradise!

Zopilote is a real adventure, and not only for surfers. Discover the Nicoya Peninsula on exciting excursions around the Zopilote Surf Camp!

ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)

The best and most exciting way to discover the Nicoya Peninsula is to rent a half-day or full-day ATV. The countless off-road routes along the coast or inland give a nice insight into the Costa Rican landscape and are a must for every adventurer.

Zipline Tour

The Zipline Tour in Mal Pais borders the beautiful Cabo Blanco National Park. Explore the dense, green jungle of Costa Rica and admire the spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean as you whiz down the 1400 meter steel cable at breathtaking speed. Thrills guaranteed!


There is a variety of different yoga courses for all levels in the immediate vicinity – whether beginner, advanced or absolute professional. Yoga is perfect for finding inner peace and balance in daily life and to simply switch off.

Horseback riding

The greatest happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horse – an old proverb. On the back of the horses you can definitely visit the hard to reach places of the Nicoya. The tour takes you to the remote coasts and nearby hills where you can admire a unique view.


A real experience on the water! The Fishing Tour is one of our most visited tours. Sport fishing is a great activity for friends or families and for all ages. Enjoy the beautiful, crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean with local fishing men who have been experienced for generations.


There are two national parks on the Nicoya Peninsula, which take nothing in their beauty: Curu and Cabo Blanco. These nature reserves are perfect for a hike through the unique fauna and flora of Costa Rica, where you can discover the country in a very unique way.


If your thirst for adventure takes you below the surface, there is the possibility to dive into the breathtaking underwater world of Costa Rica with the local diving school. Because Costa Rica offers an unrivalled variety of species not only above water. Discover clownfish, rays, reef sharks and other exciting underwater inhabitants.


What happens in Santa Teresa stays in Santa Teresa! The small village Santa Teresa with its inhabitants from all corners of the world offers a wide range of culinary highlights and absolutely crazy party nights you will remember for a long time – well, or maybe not 😉

Spanish courses

Spanish is the most spoken language in the world – even before English. A good reason to learn this beautiful language during your stay! Only a few minutes walk from the surf camp is Gustavo’s Spanish school. He and his team teach every level of Spanish 5 days / 2 hours a week.

Ready for the next wave?

These and many other adventures and experiences await you here with us. Book your stay in Zopilote now! We are looking forward to you!

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